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Wow! We all done real good and it's time to let y'all know what happened, who did it, and many of the details that made this a GREAT MASQUERADE.

First, and foremost - I would like to thank my entire staff for a great job. I'd also like to thank my boss this time - Dave D'Antonio - and his assistant Samantha Dings, for their help, support, encouragement, and fixing a few things that were out of my control (that I know about) over the past several months. It took more than 60 people working anywhere between two and hundreds of hours to pull off a show of this size and scope.

And, talking about size and scope, we had 24 Kamikaze Kids to start the show. These are the young ones who made their costumes on Saturday morning as part of the Fast Track Program. Their parade is a welcome part of the larger Masquerade.

We had 39 entries when we went to set the Run Order (and results). Of those, three scratched. Here again, this was the biggest Regional show in a long time. There were ultimately eight Young Fans, ten Novices, five Journeymen, two Craftsmen, and two Masters in competition.

We had many Masters running out of competition. There has been some debate about this decision of mine - but here's the scoop.

There were seven entries from a group I participated in at LACon IV - "Paint the Sky with Stars, the Zodiac". These entries (plus one costume in the Art Show on display) were brought in to show them at our home convention. These costumes that we won "Best Choreography in the Master Division" as one entry in LA. Since they won there, they were out of competition here. Also, since we couldn't fit everyone on stage together, and there were jokes lingering in the air... Well, you know.

The other out of competition Master was Brian Healy. He had already won "Best in Show" for his Minotaur at another east coast regional and brought it here to share with us.

I believe these costumes were a big hit with most of the audience (especially Brian's) and were a boon to our show.

We wanted to make sure that every entry in competition was judged fairly and thoroughly - and won any deserved prizes. So, we picked among the best judges in the world, and they were jan "Wombat" finder, Marty Gear, and artist Guest of Honor Hilary Scott for Presentation and Donna Dube for Workmanship. They did a superlative job (see Clear Ether issue 5, Volume 18). If you'd like to see a few of the pictures we took, they're here (see to Clear Ether issue 4, Volume 18). [Online soon]

Our official photographs should be available for a short while yet on the web. Photographs may be ordered on the web by going to Order online - Arisia 2007, the password is arisia [this page will be online for a limited period of time]. If you missed them, or have other questions, contact sandy.middlebrooks @ and I'm sure he'll be happy to help you.

We were able to seat all the fan photographers and videographers who signed up with us in the ballroom. This meant an easier time for everyone. Some of the photos we've detected can be seen at:,,
and others will be added to this list as we find them.

I'd like to extend special thanks to our MC, Richard Hill, who not only did a great job as the MC, but he also mentored me through the past few months. Thanks to Richard, his wife Laurel Cunningham-Hill, Marty Gear, Byron and Tina Connell, and many more of my friends, I survived running my first Masquerade.

I truly believe that a good time was had by all. I certainly had a great time!

So, with this report and the few things I've finished mailing back to the participants, the Arisia '07 Masquerade is done. Well done, and worth all the efforts.

Jill Eastlake
Masquerade Director

Last updated Wednesday, January 24, 2007 - 19:21

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